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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) A young duck.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. Their networks and the cousins of syndication and cable run show after show where some ugly duckling is turned into a swan courtesy of the plastic surgeon and personal trainer. - Print - “How indeed.” |
  2. The duckling is always on the menu, along with potato-crusted Lake Superior whitefish, the fish to eat in these parts. - Five Lakes Grill
  3. Nick, that comment about your hair resembling that of a duckling was a compliment to your haircut -- it's adorable. - PORN BLOGS; LONG KNIVES FOR INSURANCE EXECS; DREAMS; PHOTOS; more
  4. If the positions of farmer and kills are interchanged, the sentence reads kills the farmer the duckling, which is most naturally interpreted as an unusual but not unintelligible mode of asking the question, does the farmer kill the duckling? - Chapter 5. Form in Language: Grammatical Concepts
  5. Long Island duckling aka Pekin duck, a large white breed raised for meat in this country, can be found frozen in many supermarkets. - - News


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