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  • noun
    An upward movement; an instance of rising. (the bird has a display flight of steep flapping rises)
    An increase in number, size, amount, or degree. (local people are worried by the rise in crime)
    An increase in sound or pitch. (the rise and fall of his voice)
    A source or origin. (it was here that the brook had its rise)
    Move from a lower position to a higher one; come or go up. (the tiny aircraft rose from the ground)
    Get up from lying, sitting, or kneeling. (she pushed back her chair and rose)
    Cease to be submissive, obedient, or peaceful. (the activists urged militant factions to rise up)
    (of a river) have its source. (the Euphrates rises in Turkey)
    (of land or a natural feature) incline upwards; become higher. (the moorlands rise and fall in gentle folds)
    Increase in number, size, amount, or degree. (land prices had risen)
    Approaching (a specified age) (she was thirty-nine rising forty)


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