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  • noun
    A length or square of fabric worn around the neck or head. (she tucked her woolly scarf around her neck)
  • noun
    A joint connecting two pieces of timber or metal in which the ends are bevelled or notched so that they fit over or into each other. (The two arcs were joined at the Crown by a sophisticated scarf joint, which was secured by three large nuts and bolts.)
    An incision made in the blubber of a whale.
    Join the ends of (two pieces of timber or metal) by bevelling or notching them so that they fit over or into each other. (he forced me to scarf the keel timbers in watertight sections)
    Make an incision in the blubber of (a whale).
  • verb
    Eat or drink (something) hungrily or enthusiastically. (he scarfed down the waffles)


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