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  • noun
    An act or sound of scraping. (he heard the scrape of his mother's key in the lock)
    A procedure of dilatation of the cervix and curettage of the uterus.
    An embarrassing or difficult predicament caused by one's own unwise behavior. (he'd been in worse scrapes than this before now)
    Push or pull a hard or sharp implement across (a surface or object) so as to remove dirt or other matter. (we scraped the dishes clean)
    Rub or cause to rub by accident against a rough or hard surface, causing damage or injury. (he smashed into the wall and felt his knee scrape against the plaster)
    Narrowly pass by or through something. (there was only just room to scrape through between the tree and the edge of the stream)
    Copy (data) from a website using a computer program. (all search engines scrape content from sites without permission and display it on their own sites)


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