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  • noun
    A set of outer clothes made of the same fabric and designed to be worn together, typically consisting of a jacket and trousers or a jacket and skirt. (a pinstriped suit)
    Any of the sets into which a pack of playing cards is divided (in conventional packs comprising spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs).
    A lawsuit.
    The process of trying to win a woman's affection with a view to marriage. (he could not compete with John in Marian's eyes and his suit came to nothing)
    A complete set of sails required for a ship or for a set of spars. (they went ashore and changed to another suit of sails)
    Be convenient for or acceptable to. (what time would suit you?)
    Enhance the features, figure, or character of (someone) (the dress didn't suit her)
    Put on clothes, especially for a particular activity. (I suited up and entered the water)


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