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Definitions by Wordnik

  1. (noun) A woman who owns and rents land, buildings, or dwelling units.
  2. (noun) A woman who runs a rooming house or an inn; an innkeeper.

Examples by Wordnik

  1. The other main character in the book apart from the murderer and his landlady is the city of London in the Noughties; socially and ethnically mixed, but on edge and easily fractured. - Cambridge Lib Dems...
  2. On Thursday night she complained of shortness of breath, and finding she did not get better she called her landlady. - British Library creates a "national memory' with digital newspaper archive
  3. Keep your head down, the landlady is looking at us. - House Points: Saving the pub
  4. We know our landlady is making a calculated gamble that she'll make more on our "affordable" but sure income for sev months each winter, rather than hoping that she'll be able to make a little more by renting it out to one of the many Mexican families who regularly flock to the coast every weekend. - Guad at Semana Santa time
  5. Our landlady is just happy with anything we do because we have spent a lot of money to make improvements and we always pay our rent on time. - The "cheap" life in Mexico


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