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  • noun
    The process or an instance of drying. (Soft towelling that gives you a good, clean dry every time.)
    A dry or covered place.
    A Conservative politician (especially in the 1980s) in favour of strict monetarist policies.
    A person in favour of the prohibition of alcohol. (evangelical dries had seen to it that the nearest bottle of whiskey was miles away)
    Become dry. (waiting for the paint to dry)
    Forget one's lines. (a colleague of mine once dried in the middle of a scene)
    Free from moisture or liquid; not wet or moist. (the jacket kept me warm and dry)
    (of information, writing, etc.) dully factual. (the dry facts of the matter)
    (of a joke or sense of humour) subtle and expressed in a matter-of-fact way. (he delighted his friends with a dry, covert sense of humour)
    Prohibiting the sale or consumption of alcoholic drink. (the country is strictly dry, in accordance with Islamic law)
    (of an alcoholic drink) not sweet. (a dry, medium-bodied red wine)
    Relating to political ‘dries’; rigidly monetarist. (Greg Urwin, how appropriate are these models of free trade and dry economic policies to island states in the South Pacific?)


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