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fit the bill
To be suitable; to meet requirements.

I am looking for a new pair of earphones. These should fit the bill just fine.

flunk out
To be kicked out of school for not meeting academic standards.

Max flunked out of college in less than a year.

for good

Once you quit the club, you are out for good. You can never come back.

for kicks
For pleasure or excitement; for fun

For kicks, Max liked to play jokes on his friends.

for the birds
Worthless; no good.

Homework is for the birds. I?m not sure why my teacher gives me so much homework.

full of it
Speaking nonsense; lying, exaggerating, or boasting.

Don?t listen to Miguel. He is full of it.

get a grip
To control your emotions; to regain your composure.

Tell Max to get a grip. He is totally overreacting.

get a handle on
To obtain a basic level of understanding or control.

After reading chapter four, I?m starting to get a handle on quantum physics.

get carried away
To overdo; to do to excess.

Max got carried away with the balloons for the party. There must have been over a thousand.

get cracking
To get started; hurry up.

Come on! Let?s get cracking. We need to finish this project by next week.

get even
To get revenge.

Mary was quite upset with Jane for stealing her boyfriend. She swore that she would get even.

get hitched
To get married.

Mary and Max got hitched two years ago.

get on one's nerves
To annoy or irritate someone.

Max may be a nice guy, but sometimes he really gets on my nerves.

get on someone's case
To criticize, find fault, or lecture.

The boss is always getting on Max?s case for everything.

get one's act together
To become serious, organized.

If you want a pay raise, you are going to have to get your act together and do a better job.

get one's feet wet
To gain new experience.

Max is just getting his feet wet. He is likely to make a few mistakes.

get one's foot in the door
To begin become established in an occupation or company.

You were very lucky to get your foot in the door at ABC Company.

get something straight
To understand correctly; to clarify.

Let?s get this straight. We?ll meet behind the back after work.

get the hang of
To become accustomed to; to learn how to do or use something.

When I moved to England, it took me a few days to get the hang of driving on the left side of the road.

get the point
To understand the general or main idea.

I don?t think Max got the point. The point is that the important things in life have little to do with money.



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