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face the music
To confront the unpleasant consequences of one's actions.

The police are here to arrest Max. I guess it?s time for him to face the music.

face to face
In person; in the physical presence of somebody.

I?m tired of discussing this over the phone. Let?s meet and discuss it face to face.

fall on deaf ears
To be ignored or disregarded.

Every time Mary ask Max to do something, her requests fall on deaf ears.

fall through the cracks
To be missed or overlooked.

How did they overlook that million dollar account. Somehow it just fell through the cracks.

feel free
Be my guest; be uninhibited about doing something.

Please feel free to eat anything in the refrigerator.

few and far between
Rare and scarce; occurring infrequently.

People who actually like Max are few and far between.

fill someone's shoes
To do someone's job; to assume someone's role.

It will be very difficult to fill Max?s shoes when he retires.

filthy rich
Extremely wealthy.

Max married Mary because she was filthy rich. All he cared about was her money.

fit the bill
To be suitable; to meet requirements.

I am looking for a new pair of earphones. These should fit the bill just fine.

flunk out
To be kicked out of school for not meeting academic standards.

Max flunked out of college in less than a year.

for good

Once you quit the club, you are out for good. You can never come back.

for kicks
For pleasure or excitement; for fun

For kicks, Max liked to play jokes on his friends.

for the birds
Worthless; no good.

Homework is for the birds. I?m not sure why my teacher gives me so much homework.

full of it
Speaking nonsense; lying, exaggerating, or boasting.

Don?t listen to Miguel. He is full of it.


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