Idioms Beginning with K

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keep a lid on
To keep something secret

No one is supposed to know our plan. Please keep a lid on it.

keep an eye on
To watch intently.

Please keep an eye on my children for me. I need to go to the store.

keep it down
To be quiet; to not be noisy.

Please keep in down. I'm trying to study.

keep one's nose to the grindstone
To work hard or focus heavily on work

If you keep your nose to the grindstone, you will do very well.

kick back
To relax.

After work tonight, I'm going to go home and kick back.

kid around
To engage in playful joking or teasing.

Don't take Max seriously. He was just kidding around when he said that you were ugly.

knock it off
to stop doing something.

Would you two please knock it off? That really annoys me.


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