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pain in the neck
an annoyance or difficulty.

I wish Max would go away. He is such a pain in the neck.

paint the town red
To go on a partying spree; to go wild.

Max and his friends painted the town red this past weekend.

pay through the nose
To pay an excessive amount of money.

Real estate prices are very high. For even a small house you have to pay through the nose.

piece of cake
Something that is easy or simple to do.

Last night's homework assignment was a piece of cake.

play it by ear
To improvise; to do things without a plan.

I'm not sure what we'll do this weekend. We'll just play it by ear.

play one's cards right
To make the right moves; to have a good strategy.

If I had played my cards right, I might have gotten that promotion.

point the finger
To accuse; to assign blame

I don't want to point the finger at anybody, but somebody forgot to lock the door, Jim.

pull somebody's leg
To tease someone; to deceive or fool someone

Don't listen to Miguel. He must have been pulling your leg.

pull teeth
To do something very difficult or unpleasant.

Mary says that getting Max to take out the garbage is like pulling teeth.

put a sock in it
To be quiet; to stop talking.

Max went on talking trash about everyone until someone finally told him to put a sock in it.

put one's foot down
To take a firm stand; to insist, demand, or refuse.

Mary finally put her foot down and said that she wouldn't let anyone borrow money from her again.

put one's mind to it
To apply oneself; to channel one's effort toward a particular goal.

If Max put his mind to it, he could achieve anything.


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