Phrasal Verbs

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hold up hold_up
(separable) to delay or obstruct

The traffic jam held us up for three hours.

hunt down hunt_down
(separable) to pursue to find or capture someone or something

Max hunted the waitress down, so that he could order dinner.

hurry up hurry_up
(intransitive) to do faster

Hurry up. We are running late.

hush up
(intransitive) to become quiet

After the teacher screamed at the top of her lungs, the children hushed up.

hush up
(separable) to make someone become quiet

The teacher hushed up the kids.

jot down jot_down
(separable) to copy down or make a note of

Max jotted down a few notes as the professor spoke.

jump in
(intransitive) to join an activity while it's in progress; to interrupt

I was telling the story to Mary, but Max kept jumping in.

keep away keep_away
(separable) to not allow to come near

Max was so popular with the girls that he couldn't keep them away.

keep down
(separable) to control; subdue; repress

You can have a party, but please keep the noise down as much as possible.

keep off keep_off
(inseparable) to not walk on

Please keep off the grass.

keep off keep_off
(inseparable) to not consume

Scott is having a difficult time keeping of drugs.

keep on
(intransitive) to continue

No matter how many times you fail, you must keep on trying.

keep up
(separable) to maintain in good condition; to persist; persevere in

Excellent work! Keep it up.

keep up
(separable) to prevent from going to sleep

The neighbor's barking dog kept me up all night.

keep up
(intransitive) to stay informed

Max reads the newspaper in order to keep up with current events.

keep up
(intransitive) maintain a required pace or level in competition (often in lifestyle)

Max spent all of his money and time trying to keep up with his neighbors.

kick out
(separable) to force to leave

The bouncers kicked Max out of the bar for starting a fight.

kneel down
(intransitive) to go down on your knees

Before he goes to bed, Max kneels down to pray.

knock out
(intransitive) to make someone unconscious

That last drink I had really knocked me out.

lay off lay_off
(separable) to dismiss from a job

General Motors usually lays workers off just before Christmas so that the CEO can get a large bonus.



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