Phrasal Verbs Beginning with M

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make up make_up
(separable) to invent (a story)

Bill is good at making up stories to get himself out of trouble.

mark down mark_down
(separable) to write or make a note on something

Max marked the phone number down so that he wouldn't forget it.

mark down mark_down
(separable) to reduce prices

K-mart often marks its prices down.

measure up measure_up
(intransitive) to reach a standard or expectation

Mary would not marry Max because she felt that he just didn't measure up.

mess up mess_up
(separable) to make disorganized or messy

Please do not mess up the house. We are having guests over tonight.

move on move_on
(intransitive) to progress onwards

Let's move on. I'm tired of talking about that.


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