Phrasal Verbs

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clean up clean_up
(separable) to clean completely

When living with others it is important to clean up after yourself.

color in
(separable) to fill with color (usually an outline)

Max happily colored in the pictures in his textbook.

come about come_about
(intransitive) to happen

How did that come about?

come across come_across
(inseparable) to find by chance

As Max was cleaning up his room he came across Mary's phone number.

come along come_along
(intransitive) to progress

Things are coming along well at work these days.

come along come_along
(intransitive) to accompany someone who takes the lead

Ralph asked me to come along on the trip, but I decided not to.

come along come_along
(intransitive) to appear

Max was quite happy until Mary came along.

come around come_around
(intransitive) to change one?s opinion or position

After our long debate, Max finally came around to my point of view.

come back come_back
(intransitive) to return to a place one has been before; to return to a previous activity

Max left our office, but quickly came back after discovering he had left his keys here.

come back come_back
(intransitive) to be restored

I was sick and weak, but now I feel better and my strength is coming back.

come back come_back
(intransitive) to recall

I think I remember that story. It's all coming back to me now.

come back come_back
(intransitive) to even the score (sports)

France came back to beat England after being down 1-0 all game.

come back come_back
(intransitive) to reply, retort

When Max criticized Mary, Mary came back with some very sharp criticism of Max.

come by come_by
(intransitive) to visit informally

I was in the neighborhood so I thought I would come by to see how you were doing.

come by come_by
(inseparable) to obtain (accidentally)

I'm not sure how I came by this hat, but I've had it for years.

come down come_down
(intransitive) to descend, fall, go down

It?s been hot all day. Finally the temperature is starting to come down a bit.

come down come_down
(intransitive) to precipitate, fall from clouds

Snow has been coming down for about 2 hours now.

come down come_down
(intransitive) to reduce to the essential element

In politics everything really just comes down to the economy.

come down come_down
(intransitive) to become sick

Max came down with the flu.

come down come_down
(intransitive) to criticize

Max came down on Mary for not washing the dishes after dinner.



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