Phrasal Verbs

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get along get_along
(intransitive) to manage or fare reasonably

Max is able to get along each day on just 2 slices of bread and a glass of water.

get around get_around
(inseparable) to evade, circumvent

George hired many lawyers to help him find ways to get around various laws.

get around get_around
(intransitive) to go from place to place

Since my car broke down, I've been getting around by bicycle.

get around get_around
(intransitive) to become known, circulate

Word got around that Mary was pregnant.

get at get_at
(inseparable) to access or reach

Could you please scratch my back? I have this itch that I just can't quite get at.

get at get_at
(intransitive) to hint, suggest, convey, or try to make understandable

I think I know what you are getting at, but I'm not certain.

get away get_away
(intransitive) to escape

Max had a dream that a very fat woman was attacking him and he couldn't get away.

get back get_back
(intransitive) to return

Max got back late from the soccer match.

get back get_back
(separable) to have something returned

When Mary called her engagement with Max off, Max tried to get the ring back.

get by get_by
(intransitive) to succeed with minimum effort and minimum achievement

Since George was a student, he has made a habit of just getting by.

get by get_by
(intransitive) to survive or manage

We were able to get by on just a few dollars per week.

get by get_by
(inseparable) to proceed unnoticed, ignored, or without being criticized, or punished

The tainted meat got by the inspectors.

get down get_down
(intransitive) to descend or lower

Max got down on his knees and prayed.

get down get_down
(intransitive) give one?s consideration or attention (used with to)

Now that we?ve finished lunch, I am ready to get down to business.

get down get_down
(separable) to depress, exhaust or discourage

Talking about politics really gets me down.

get down get_down
(separable) to put in writing

Did you get everything I said down?

get in get_in
(intransitive) to arrive

When did you get in from Paris?

get into get_into
(inseparable) to be involved with

If you get into the wrong crowd, you are likely to get into a lot of trouble.

get off get_off
(separable) to give great pleasure

Burning ants gets Max off.

get off get_off
(inseparable) to dismount

Max got off his bicycle to tie his shoe



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