Phrasal Verbs

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go by go_by
(inseparable) to act in accordance

If you go by the rules, you shouldn't have any trouble.

go down go_down
(intransitive) to go under; to drop below the horizon; to sink

I hope to get to the beach before the sun goes down.

go down go_down
(intransitive) to ingest

Water goes down especially well after a long hard soccer match.

go off go_off
(intransitive) to explode; detonate

Bombs went off all around the city.

go off go_off
(intransitive) to happen in a particular manner

Mary's dinner party last night went off very well.

go over go_over
(intransitive) to gain approval

How did your request for a pay raise go over with your boss?

go over go_over
(inseparable) to check; examine

The mechanic went over the engine to see if there were any problems.

go through go_through
(inseparable) to experience; endure

Mary and Max went through a lot to make their business a success.

go under go_under
(intransitive) to fail; to be defeated

Jack and Jill's drinking water business went under almost right away.

grow up grow_up
(intransitive) to change from child to adult

Mary thinks that Max will never grow up.

hand in hand_in
(separable) to turn in or give work you have done

Max was embarrassed about handing in his homework late.

hand out hand_out
(separable) to distribute

Lee Harvey often handed out leaflets on the street corner.

hang around hang_around
(intransitive) to spend time

Max likes to hang around with his friends at the local bar.

hang up hang_up
(separable) to place something on something (usually a hook or hanger) so that it doesn't touch the ground; to terminate a phone call

Max gets irritated with Mary for not hanging up her clothes after she does the laundry.

hike up
(separable) to pull up or raise (usually clothing)

When he crossed the flooded street, Max hiked up his pants, so they wouldn't get wet.

hike up
(separable) to suddenly raise in amount

Every summer oil companies hike up gas prices. Once Boxmart has destroyed all of its competition in a certain area, they hike up their prices.

hold back hold_back
(separable) to restrain

When I saw Max's new haircut, I had a hard time holding back my laughter.

hold down hold_down
(separable) to keep a job

Mary has never been able to hold down a job.

hold on hold_on
(intransitive) to wait

Hold on a moment. I need to tie my shoe.

hold up hold_up
(separable) to rob using a gun or weapon

Max held up a bank to get some money to buy Mary a ring.



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