Phrasal Verbs with GET

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get down get_down
(separable) to depress, exhaust or discourage

Talking about politics really gets me down.

get down get_down
(separable) to put in writing

Did you get everything I said down?

get in get_in
(intransitive) to arrive

When did you get in from Paris?

get into get_into
(inseparable) to be involved with

If you get into the wrong crowd, you are likely to get into a lot of trouble.

get off get_off
(separable) to give great pleasure

Burning ants gets Max off.

get off get_off
(inseparable) to dismount

Max got off his bicycle to tie his shoe

get off get_off
(intransitive) to receive a lesser punishment than what might be expected

Mary got off with only two years in prison for the attempted murder of Max.

get off get_off
(intransitive) to receive extreme pleasure

Max gets off on burning ants with his magnifying glass.

get out get_out
(intransitive) to become known

The news about Mary got out very quickly.

get out get_out
(intransitive) to escape or leave

Sam wouldn't stop talking so we asked him to get out.

get out get_out
(separable) cause to escape or leave

Please get that cat out of here.

get over get_over
(inseparable) to overcome, recover from

Max finally got over the flu.

get through get_through
(inseparable) to finish something completely; to arrive at the end of something

It took me almost two weeks to get through that book.

get to
(inseparable) to annoy

That buzzing sound really gets to me.

get to
(inseparable) to arrive at, to progress to

I can't wait to get to school.

get together get_together
(intransitive) to meet

Let's get together tomorrow night.

get up get_up
(intransitive) to rise to one?s feet or arise from bed; to climb

Mary gets up at sunrise to go jogging every morning.

get up get_up
(separable) to cause to rise

Mary got Max up early this morning so that he could make her breakfast.



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