Phrasal Verbs with GO

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go along go_along
(intransitive) to cooperate

To go along with the crowd is the easiest thing, but not always the wisest thing.

go around go_around
(intransitive) to satisfy a demand or need

While there are certainly more jobs now, there are still not enough to go around.

go around go_around
(intransitive) to circulate

There are some rumors about Mary going around.

go away go_away
(intransitive) to leave

Max and Mary went away for the summer.

go by go_by
(intransitive) to pass; elapse

As the years go by, I grow older but not wiser.

go by go_by
(inseparable) to act in accordance

If you go by the rules, you shouldn't have any trouble.

go down go_down
(intransitive) to go under; to drop below the horizon; to sink

I hope to get to the beach before the sun goes down.

go down go_down
(intransitive) to ingest

Water goes down especially well after a long hard soccer match.

go off go_off
(intransitive) to explode; detonate

Bombs went off all around the city.

go off go_off
(intransitive) to happen in a particular manner

Mary's dinner party last night went off very well.

go over go_over
(intransitive) to gain approval

How did your request for a pay raise go over with your boss?

go over go_over
(inseparable) to check; examine

The mechanic went over the engine to see if there were any problems.

go through go_through
(inseparable) to experience; endure

Mary and Max went through a lot to make their business a success.

go under go_under
(intransitive) to fail; to be defeated

Jack and Jill's drinking water business went under almost right away.


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