Advanced Vocabulary List 2

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(noun) a short, interesting story

At the party Charles told some humorous anecdotes about his days in the military.

(verb) turn aside, or away; as, to avert the eyes from an object; to ward off, or prevent, the occurrence or effects of

We did everything we could to avert the disaster, but it was not enough.

(adjective) straightforward, open and sincere, honest

I had a very candid discussion with Max about his drinking problem.

(noun) conversation between 2 or more people.

The action in the movie was very exciting, but the dialogue was incredibly bad.

(adjective) extreme, severe

The doctor had to take drastic measures to save the patient's life

(adjective) irregular, unsteady, random; prone to unexpected changes

The man's erratic behavior made everybody on the flight nervous.

(verb)strengthen, reinforce

The government intended to fortify the levees surrounding New Orleans.

(verb) set apart or cut off from others, separate

The hospital isolated the patients with bird flu to help prevent an outbreak.

(verb) shine light on something, light up something

The new street lights were not powerful enough to illuminate the street sufficiently.

(adjective) related to or located in the city

People from urban areas have very different political views from people in rural areas.


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