Advanced Vocabulary List 21

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ad lib
(verb) to speak or perform without preparing previously, improvise

The teacher lost all of his teaching notes on the way to class and was forced to ad lib the lesson.

(noun) strong hostility, hatred

For some reason, Max feels a lot of animosity toward Mary.

(adjective) serious and sincere

Max made an earnest attempt to study for the exam, but it was too difficult for him.

(noun) a perfect example

Some people feel that George Bush is the epitome of arrogance.

(noun) a category or kind (usually of art, literature, or music)

Max's favorite film genres are action and comedy.

(verb) to spread throughout (usually odor)

The stench of the rotten food permeated the entire building.

(adjective) reserved, saying little

Max seems to be unusually taciturn today. Something must be bothering him.


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