Advanced Vocabulary List 9

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adverse adverse
Unfavorable; harmful.

Adverse weather conditions will not stop Max from going fishing.

celebrate celebrate
Acknowledge (a significant or happy day or event) with a social gathering or enjoyable activity.

When I win the lottery, we are going to celebrate with a huge party.

coherent coherent
Logical and consistent.

How do you expect to succeed without a coherent plan?

consecutive consecutive
Following continuously (in a row).

Max has missed four consecutive meetings.

detain detain
Hold; keep from proceeding.

The police detained Max for questioning for more than 12 hours.

disclose disclose
Make known; reveal.

The reporter refused to disclose his source for the article.

disrobe disrobe
Take off one’s clothes.

The nurse asked the patient to disrobe and wait for the doctor in the exam room.

distort distort
Twist out of shape; mislead

An expression of pain distorted Max’s face.

enforce enforce
Compel compliance with (a law, rule, or obligation).

The police are supposed to be here to enforce the law.

flout flout
Openly disregard.

The politician flouts the standards of human decency.

hostile hostile
Unfriendly; Antagonistic

The politician spoke before a hostile crowd.

lethal lethal
Causing death; deadly.

A rattlesnake's venom is lethal.

lubricate lubricate
Apply a substance such as oil or grease to (an engine or component) to minimize friction and allow smooth movement.

To keep your bicycle going smoothly, you should lubricate all of the moving parts.

malign malign
Speak bad about someone.

Please do not malign Mary. She is a very good person.

meander meander
Follow a winding course; to wander.

Max arrived late to school everyday because instead of walking straight to school he’d first meander through the park hunting insects for his collection.

prohibit prohibit
Forbid (something) by authority or law

Smoking in the classroom is prohibited.

provoke provoke
Anger, enrage, or stir up (a reaction or emotion).

The politician’s speech provoked protest and outrage around the country.

Retreat; move away from a previous position.

Max’s hairline is receding.

remove remove
Take something away; eliminate

The doctor removed Max’s tonsils.

revere revere
Feel deep respect or admiration for.

Max revered his mother more than anyone.

revoke revoke
Take back by reversing; to cancel the validity of something.

The judge said that he would revoke my driver's license if I got another speeding ticket.

ridicule ridicule
Make fun of; laugh at.

His ideas were ridiculed by his colleagues.

stamina stamina
Endurance; ability to sustain physical or mental effort.

You must have incredible stamina to compete in the Tour de France.

subterfuge subterfuge
Something intended to misrepresent the true nature of an activity.

Max used subterfuge to win Mary’s heart.


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